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We optimize your site to improve its accessibility and visibility by planning a long-term strategy.

Website audit

The audit of a website enables to develop a technical guide which helps to create a long-term strategy and improve the quality your website.

The audit is made up of different sections:

  • index and SEO audit
  • performance audit
  • structure audit
  • user experience audit
  • audit of your objectives

Website optimization

Following the audit, we can guide your team to integrate the various optimisations necessary to make your website accessible, more efficient and visible – we can also introduce them by ourselves. Those improvements are selected while taking into account your priorities and potential positive impact on your website.

The audit can lead to different projects:

  • optimization of indexing and referencing
  • performance optimization
  • optimization of the structure
  • redesign of the site with a new specification
  • development of new web communication strategies


SEO increases the visibility of your website in search engines.SEO involves different techniques to improve your ranking.

We can perform various optimizations for SEO following our audit:

  • Analysis of the semantics of your sector
  • Suggested content and keywords
  • SEO strategy
  • Integration of optimizations
  • Performance monitoring and regular reporting