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This list will be updated regularly and includes links to reports, resources and tools that allow working around sustainable webdesign.


The principles of sustainable webdesign and low-tech

Design research (determine needs)


You have to choose the tools according to the users' needs and their impact. The important thing is to have a good knowledge of the basics of the web (HTML, CSS) and depending on the needs of certain programming languages. We are more interested in the resources that allow following Internet standards and not tools.

Accessibility and privacy

Ces domaines s'accordent parfaitement avec la sobriété numérique et sont bien souvent les conséquences d'un service écoconçu.

Measuring tools

Radical criticism, history of technology and technocritics

Go beyond digital: digital imaginary


Do not hesitate to use Privacy Redirect to use an alternative to Youtube that avoids tracking by Google.

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