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Our duo is a merge of design and development. The intersection of these two areas allows us to pursue an eco-design approach and to respond to the growing problems of Internet consumption and privacy.



Design & Illustration

Architect, passionate about visual art. The ability to create space taught me that good design is determined not only by the sense of aesthetics but above all by functionality and ergonomy. In my projects, I always integrate the user in the centre of the process. My methods blend perfectly in sustainable design.

Dagmara: Design & GraphismIllustration of my profile
Derek : ecoconception and developmentIllustration of my profile


Web Development & Optimizations

Specialized in web development and SEO. My experience as a web developer and project manager allows me to understand and analyse different aspects of web design. Such a large perspective, as well as a vast technological knowledge, are essential to prepare scope statements in an eco-designed framework.

For an ethical internet

Human & Inclusive

We think, create and build for people. We make sure that our projects are inclusive and accessible to all while respecting the basic principles of the Internet.


We strive to make our tools simple and easy to use daily.

Innovative & resilient

We are constantly searching for innovations, keeping the resilient aspect of our work.


We prefer long-term actions rather than spontaneous movements. We can achieve that by imagining a full life cycle of our works and the impact they have on people.