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Web illustration is to be conscious, enviable and more useful.

What is our graphic design philosophy?

Photos, icons and all graphic elements are needed as a visual interpretation of the idea or content, which unfortunately is not always the case. Therefore, they should have their justification.

Our illustrations follow the principles of our web design, favouring such qualities as accessibility and utility. We avoid using them as purely decorative.

Illustration of a hourglass: conscious design must last.


We think about the impact of our works because our aim is to increase their lifetime.

Illustration of a zipper: useful design


Our illustrations convey a message without superfluous.

Illustration of the golden number: enjoyable design


We also strive to make eco-design attractive.

Why can an illustration be ecological?

The illustration makes your website recognisable and unique. It is also a powerful tool which allows the fastest transfer of information. It gives you countless possibilities that only end where your creativity ends. If it is created in a thoughtful way and with a low energy cost, it can give your website an individual character.

What does our design process look like?

At all design stages, we focus on the characteristics of your project: it’s goals and limits. The illustration design is included in the web design research phase, but can also be a completely independent project.

Our design process includes:

  • analysis of needs and goals of your project (design research)
  • content analysis
  • defining the main idea
  • developing visual identity of the project (color palette, inspiration, sketches)
  • working on the illustration and its integration in the context

Our complementaries services

Sustainable Web Design

We create accessible, low-consumption websites according to the principles of eco-design and low-tech.

Audit & Écoconception

We accomplish custom audit to optimize the structure, accessibility, SEO and users experience.