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The Internet consume vast amounts of energy, due to poor design and the use of complex tools. It has a significant impact on our climate.

Sustainable Web Design

A sustainable website focuses primarily on functionality requirements. Our goal is to create a design fully adapted to users’ needs without any technological or functional surpluses. By choosing a sustainable website, you can contribute to diminishing the negative impact of our habits on the environment. Unlike those overcharged websites, cluttered with information and unnecessary elements, you may have one, that is lightweight and environmentally friendly. This approach helps improve its performance, ethics and accessibility.

This approach reduces the energy consumption of a website while improving performance, ethics and accessibility. It is necessary to make strategic choices and involve the use of resources sparingly. It's high time we build a different Internet - respectful to our planet and it’s inhabitants!

The benefits

  • Environmental responsibility
  • Limiting the effect of technological obsolescence
  • User satisfaction and digital inclusion
  • Simplification of maintenance
  • Technical debt reduction
  • SEO & performance
  • Anticipating future legislation (inclusion, energy consumption)
  • Imagining an alternative digital future

... and the values

Sustainable web design is foremost a technical issue, but to avoid falling back into a technical solutions, ethical and moral values are necessary. This is why our projects also have ethical and social commitments (accessibility, privacy, health, security, etc.).

Our process

Our process involves different steps to select features and tools that reduce the impact of a website while meeting the exact needs of users (useful, sustainable, accessible).

1. First meeting and briefing

2. Analysis of the scope and requirements

3. Design and technical research

4. Web design & ergonomics

5. Training in digital tools

6. Prototyping & user testing

7. Website launch & celebration

8. Maintenance and life cycle monitoring

Our goals


We are constantly seeking to develop our Sustainable web design approach and to understand the problems associated with digital pollution. This approach allows us to develop our projects and to offer long-term support.


Our approach is multidisciplinary. Although reducing the energy impact and accessibility of our websites is the priority, we take into account the ethics and values of the project. We want to show that it is possible to offer a different experience on the internet in contrast to big data and constant acceleration.

Our limits

We are still limited by constraints. We are not yet able to offer Sustainable web design websites for e-commerce or more complex applications. We are planning more research to ensure that these types of projects are consistent with sustainable web design.

Our additional services

Illustration & Graphic Design

Audit & Ethical alternatives

Training & Education