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The Internet consume vast amounts of energy, due to poor design and the use of complex tools. It has a significant impact on our climate.

Sustainable Web Design

The sustainable website focuses primarily on functionality requirements. Our goal is to create a design fully adapted to users’ needs without any technological or functional surpluses.

By choosing a sustainable website, you can contribute to diminishing the negative impact of our habits on the environment. Unlike those overcharged websites, cluttered with information and unnecessary elements, you may have one, that is lightweight and environmentally friendly. This approach helps improve its performance, ethics and accessibility.

Remember, that eco-design affects lower costs and energy consumption so that it is necessary to make strategic choices and involve the use of resources sparingly.

It's high time we build a different Internet - respectful to our planet and it’s inhabitants!

Our web design approach

Our design process aims to significantly reduce the amount of energy generated when creating, maintaining and using websites. We offer a range of low-energy consumption services based on energy constraint to develop the structure of our websites.
Our ecological philosophy has many advantages:

  • Low-energy consumption
  • Performances
  • Accessibility (A11y)
  • Simplification of maintenance
  • Security risk reduction
  • Technical debt reduction

Low consumption websites still have some limits if you need advanced features, especially for e-commerce. But, we are constantly developing to introduce new solutions.

Our process

Our process consists of different stages, which aim to select the right features and tools to reduce the ecological impact of a website.

  • Analysis of your needs
  • Analysis of the conformity of your project with an eco-design approach
  • Design research
  • Scope statement
  • Development & Test
  • Launch and maintenance

Our methods help reach the exact needs of our clients.

Our complementaries services

Graphic Design & Illustration

We strive to make our design not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but most of all utile, durable and environmentally friendly.

Audit & Écoconception

We accomplish custom audit to optimize the structure, accessibility, SEO and users experience.